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A new company logo and extended profile 

During the next participation to Drinktec exhibition in Munich, Water Systems will present officially the new company logo and extended profile: new logo is indeed the last step of a period of transition which involved many changes for the Company aimed to provide a growing Customers’ satisfaction.

Three divisions have been introduced under the main Company logo:

AQUA PRO represents our offer of equipment for the purification of water to be used as ingredient for drinks productions; the name, as well as the blue background has been chosen to recall the very pureness of an element which is essential for the mankind;

DRINK PRO is the evolution of the branch DRINK SYSTEMS, which had been introduced a couples of years ago and which shows the further increase of WS’ expertise in this field, hence representing the core business of the Company;

MILK PRO is the new division, which has been recently introduced to focus Customers’ attention on those systems especially conceived to produce milk-based drinks that are finding a further growing space on beverages market.

All the divisions are crown by the main WS logo, which has been deeply restyled, according to or vision of Water Systems’ future.

The success of latest years reached in terms of sales, number of manufactured equipment, Customers acquisition and staff increase, allowed us to get new opportunities of cooperation with important worldwide Companies.

In this context, the logo has been modified to appear more state-of-the-art and to reflect therefore the aim of the Company to be a modern, well-organized and efficient group.

Hence new logo results to be compact and clean but full of meaning; in this sense the choice of colours is very important: orange and blue are the traditional colours, introduced after the establishment of Society to symbolize water and drinks, while grey is the stainless steel, chief material used to manufacture our products.

WATER SYSTEMS has been shortened in the slimmer and easier WS, as the most of our Customers use this abbreviation to refer to Us.